Solid–State Drives

Momentarily increase your website’s loading speed

If you would like to give your web site a top performance boost, all you need to do is simply to host it with us. All our shared hosting servers boast solid–state drives, so on every single physical server you’ll benefit from unparalleled read & write speeds, which will make your website lightning–fast.

Thanks to the perfect Internet connectivity provided by each of our cloud web hosting Data Centers, your website will start to load so much faster without any need for any additional configurations on your end.

VPN Access

Secure, anonymous web browsing

If you reside in an area with stringent web browsing regulations but would like to explore the Internet world as much as possible, we have a solution for you. With each of our shared hosting plans, you’ll be able to gain Virtual Private Network access and examine the Internet freely. All you have to do is set up a new network with the settings we offer and we’ll route all your incoming and outgoing web site traffic through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers.


A safe web application firewall software

All our shared hosting packs are provided with ModSecurity by default. ModSecurity is a tiny Apache module that does a vital job – it functions as a web application firewall program, efficiently defending your site against hack assaults. What’s more it all takes place instantly, without you needing to configure or tweak anything. Your sites will become protected as soon as you host them with us.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

A double protected cloud hosting system

By hosting web apps, e–mails and databases on several servers instead of just a single one, we’ve ensured a more stable web hosting environment for your web sites and web applications. Plus, we have minimized the hosting servers’ susceptibility to hacker/denial–of–service assaults that can take the whole server down on a regular shared hosting platform.

Domain Manager

Manage all your domains from 1 location

You’ll be able to easily take full control of your domain names using the Web Control Panel–integrated Domains Manager. With just a mouse click, you can lock & unlock a domain name, edit name servers, specify custom DNS entries, redirect a website, park unlimited domains and much more. Plus, you can register and transfer bulk domain names, shield your personal WHOIS data or protect your online shopping portal with an SSL certificate.

Email Manager

Your all–in–one e–mail management software

The point & click Mail Manager will let you create new e–mail boxes, create custom auto–responder messages, redirect emails, activate mail filters and also modify the anti–spam protection levels easily. In addition, if you are more skillful, you can in addition use the integrated anti–spoofing protection option.

Website Builder

Create your own personal websites with a simple click right now

Our cloud web hosting packages feature an easy–to–use Free Of Charge Website Generation Instrument. You can find it within the Web Control Panel. The tool offers a collection of 100+ personal and business skins as well as an easy–to–navigate website administration GUI. Simply select a web theme and then add your pictures and include text with a mouse click. When you’re ready, click the Publish button and your web sites will be launched online immediately.

Faster Performance

Outlandishly fast performance is among the essential pluses of our custom–created shared hosting platform.

We’ve managed to update the data bandwidth to as much as 10 gigabits per second to ensure enhanced connectivity and faster web site loading speeds, to add additional physical servers that streamline server maintenance procedures and reduce service disruptions and network downtimes, and to migrate all the user accounts to solid–state drives, which have considerably faster data execution speeds and a far better stability compared to the classic hard disk drives.

A Database Manager

An easy approach to managing databases

With many web hosting vendors, database management is needlessly complex. In order to create a functional database, you will need to go through three separate steps. However, if you choose our Database Manager, you’ll have to go through merely a single step – the name of the database and its password. And that’s it.

We’ve also included a one–click database backup software tool. There’s no need to log in to the phpMyAdmin tool to back up a database.

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